For the Mom who never has enough time. You will end up with personalized tools to not only help you battle burnout, but to also create time for family, self-care and even REST!

A personalized framework

Time Magic

Get ready to claim the life you want using a spacious and intuitive approach, designed specifically for you.

Calm your nervous system so that you can tackle life from a place of balance and control?

Structure your life so that you have help and you don’t have to do it all by yourself?

Create the time you need to foster a connection with your kids, to make family memories and to bond through fun activities?


Ask for help and set up strong boundaries that make it easy to say no without feeling guilty.

Take time and space to be creative, and get passionate again about serving your people.

Show up for yourself!

Give yourself some breathing room and space to refill your cup.

My Promise to You

Let me guess: if you could SNAP your fingers, you'd have...

Start you 90 minute session for just $150

Imagine feeling confident enough to:

A personalized SuperSystem based on your unique SuperMom type (and Human Design energy type!), that allows you to create the authentic life you dream of. It's time to enjoy having a full cup, without having a full plate!

  • Better rest? (or make that rest in general!)
  • Stronger connections with your family and friends
  • Increased productivity to free up some "me" time
  • Reconnection to your SELF
  • More joy, fun and play
  • A feeling of balance in all of your roles

Raving Reviews


Somatic Psychotherapist

“I blocked off the two hours in my schedule knowing this was an investment in my business, personal life, and over all time management. It was so valuable and absolutely worth the time! I loved the way Jill set it up with frequent 5-minute breaks throughout the session. I learned so many new tools which really helped in my everyday life.”


“Working with Jill was a very intense and vulnerable experience that left me empowered and meeting myself on a new level. I’m realizing myself as being in a new state of my life, and not only accepting it, but really flourishing in it. I realized this through working with her, and all of the reflections she gave me. With her intuition and her suggestions on an expert level she gave me the exact structure and comfort to grow into the next level and version of myself.”


My session with Jill was exactly what I didn't know I needed. A time to talk about... time. MY TIME. Something that's kept as dark from others as my underwear drawer.

I came away with some really fresh mindset hacks and weekly practices that have already helped my overwhelm.

Highly recommend Jill!


I know firsthand what it’s like to have a full plate, and feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Trying to run a business AND a family. I know the pain of a never ending to-do list, and the stress of not getting your work done on time. I know what it feels like to miss family dinner, and lose my shit more often than I would like. I know what it’s like to ignore the laundry piling up, the marriage, and the self-care, because you simply can’t take on one more thing today.

Right after the announcement of yet another extension to daycare closures during the early days of the pandemic, I hit my rock bottom. I had two young kids, and was housebound with no help. Overwhelm took over my body and I collapsed on my kitchen floor, with NO IDEA of how I was supposed to get through it.

Since then I have learned everything I could about time management, productivity, habits, and planning. I have interviewed experts, studied and tested theories.

I’ve intuited four different types of SuperMoms and organized time management tools specifically for them.

Let's get started

In a 90 minute call together we dive deep into your unique personality, circumstances and lifestyle, and create a personalized toolbox for you (your SuperSystem) to not only help you battle burnout, but to also create time for self-care and even REST! 

How does it work?



How do I know my SuperMom type?

Will this work for me?

Exactly how much time will I save?

Do you guarantee results?

How long will it take to get my life turned around?

Is there a recommended commitment to see real and lasting success?

What if I have no discipline, and "just do it” doesn’t work me?

Take the quiz here!

If it doesn’t feel quite right we can dive deeper together and see if another type feels more resonant.

If you are willing to try new ways of showing up and “doing the work” then yes you are a fit. If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution that you don’t need to put much effort into then no, you are not a fit.

That depends entirely on how many strategies you implement, and your consistency, but when you make the  changes we discuss, you can expect to start to save an hour each and every day. 

If you put in the effort do the work, and show up for yourself I guarantee you will see shifts in your mindset and time ownership skills. If you don’t - you won’t. The tools I give you aren’t the magic. YOU are the magic.

We schedule a free 20 minute follow up call where we can discuss what’s working, what isn’t and make tweaks to ensure your SuperSystem is fitting your life, feeling good to you, and working! 

I offer discounted integration sessions as often as you need them for returning clients.

Many people start to feel a shift within the first two weeks, and after the follow up call get a new surge of inspiration and commitment to themselves to keep pushing.

Lasting change typically starts to happen three months in with consistency, as with any new habit. You can support your transformation with consistency and accountability support, which is offered through a three session container.

If you start this work you will be forever upgrading your life. This is the first step, and as with anything, change takes time, practice and consistency.

If you are looking for deeper and more meaningful change I have a program that can help support you longer term.

Oh sister, I hear you. That’s why you’re here.

Doing it alone, without support, guidance and expert advice hasn’t been working for you.

Having accountability and support, as well as personalized approach is the best way to encourage you to take action, and create lasting and meaningful change in your life.

What's next after my session?


Still not sure? Let's start with a free mini time mapping session! We'll uncover your biggest time and energy blocks, and I'll offer you my top 3 tips for starting to move past them.

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