Your not doing it wrong, you just don't have the community of sisters and friends it takes to get through motherhood. You have value and you deserve to have a place to soften into, to be seen and supported as you navigate your way through parenting, working and finding yourself again.


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Join us in this online community where moms come together to share, support, network and learn with and from one another.

- Cultivate meaningful relationships with women on the same path as you are?

- Re-commit to taking some time each week for yourself, outside of the role of mom?

- Be in community with other women who might just have the solutions that could change everything for you?

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It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes THE VILLAGE to raise a mother.

Join us in this online community where moms come together to share, support, network and learn with and from one another.


Imagine BEING IN COMMUNITY WITH other moms in the same phase of life as you, so that you can feel supported, seen and validated EVERY SINGLE DAY...

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Hi - I'm Jill. I am a millennial mom with 4 kids ranging from 14 to 4 years old. One is autistic. Our blended family lives in Ottawa, Canada.

My journey began when I was in the depths of postpartum depression and anxiety, in a marriage without support from my spouse, trying to open a retail store during the pandemic, with a newborn and a 2 year old. For many reasons, my village was non-existent. knew I couldn’t change my external circumstance so I set about trying to piece together the support and resources I needed to get through this tough season of life.

I started the Grow Like a Mother podcast to share with other moms the tools I was learning, and how I tweaked them to make them work for me as a working mom. The more I leaned in, the more I realized how many moms out there were feeling EXACTLY like I was and looking for a lifeline.

Consider this my personal invitation

I love writing (my first book came out in November 2023!), teaching and connecting with other moms. That’s why I created this space. It is my vision to have a safe hub that we can all come to with questions, an open heart, a supportive virtual hug, and to make this a sacred space to share our journeys together. It would be my honour to have you as a member. 

Your monthly access includes biweekly Mom Time Connection Hour, a live class taught by Jill Wright, new moon and full moon ceremonies, guest experts, co-working time, and instant access to Jill’s entire library of content including:

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Mindset, Time Management, and Goal Setting

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They say it takes a village to raise a child but we’re often left wondering…
"where IS this village I’m supposed to have?"

Having witnessed so many of my mom friends struggle with the innate loneliness and lack of support, and having personally experienced how difficult it can be to go through this season of life, I decided that it actually takes a village to raise a MOTHER. And that's what I have created here for us.

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Weekly Planning, Boundaries, Self-Image, Manifesting and Reconnecting With Yourself Outside of "Mom"

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